Victoria Lock

Newry Ship Canal is currently used by leisure craft and as a means of accessing Newry City from the Irish Sea via Carlingford Lough and passing through the commercial shipping port of Warrenpoint. It is entered on its seaward approach via Victoria Lock, which was automated in May 2007 (please note that this is a Controlled Automation process, undertaken by a Council employee, by booking in advance). A hydrographic survey has been completed on the approaches to Victoria Lock from Warrenpoint and the channel marked with a number of lighted buoys to enhance safety of navigation.

Newry Canal’s harbour area, the ‘Albert Basin’, provides a deep water Quay for visiting craft as well as a wildlife sanctuary for a range of wildfowl and other species. The “Basin” is situated in the heart of Newry’s vibrant retail centre in close proximity to the Buttercrane and Quays shopping centres. The area also offers the visitor a host of attractions including a variety of pubs, restaurants and many places of both historical and architectural interest (


The Albert Basin provides tie-up mooring facilities at bollards positioned in front of the Quays shopping centre, with an overall Quay length of Approx. 186 metres. Electricity and water supply points are available along the quay, located on the wharf, but their use is subject to prior approval. Electrical supply cables are to be provided subject to approval by Newry and Mourne District Council. Cables must not be left connected to the electricity supply when the boat is unoccupied. The electrical cable between the electrical box and the boat is solely the responsibility of the boat owner.


Despite the width of the ‘Albert Basin’ with its Ship Turning Area:

  • The maximum size of vessel that can enter Newry Ship Canal is 200 ft (60 metres) in length x 33 feet (10 metres) in width, to suit the size of the Lock chamber at Victoria Lock.
  • Maximum Depth of Water (Draft) at the Albert Basin is 11ft (3.3 metres)
  • There are no height restrictions for vessels, entering the Lock Chamber or the Albert Basin.
  • A Maximum Speed of 4 knots should not be exceeded in the Ship Canal.
  • The boat must be navigated by a competent person at all times.

All vessels entering the Lock Chamber and Ship Canal, must have and provide a Minimum of £2 million Public Liability Insurance and adequate salvage insurance.

Access to Victoria Lock is obviously tidal. Those boats delayed on their prearranged passage to the Lock Chamber and who miss the tide, are asked to tie-up at Warrenpoint Breakwater and inform the council contact of their delay.

Booking of Berths and Charges

Advance bookings of at least 48 hours prior to arrival should be made with Newry Tourist Information Centre in Bagenal’s Castle, Newry.

The Tourism Office will in turn be able to provide you with a booking form and other useful documentation. The booking form should be completed, signed and returned to the Tourist Information Centre in Bagenal’s Castle, Newry no later than 48 hours prior to planned arrival or departure time. Keys for the electrical box should be signed in and out at this time.

Where weekend access is required, notice should be given during office hours, Monday to Friday to Newry & Mourne District Council by e-mail or telephone.

Newry Tourist Information Centre, Bagenal’s Castle, Newry:

Tel:028 3031 3170 or

Fax:028 302 68833 or

Berthing Charges

(These fees are applicable from April 2013)


'Flat Rate'

Annual £527.05 inc. VAT
6 Months £316.15 inc. VAT
1 Month £105.45 inc. VAT
Up to a week £31.75 inc. VAT



Please note these fees include for one entry and exit through Victoria Lough at times agreed by Newry and Mourne District Council. If more than one entry or exit is required additional charges apply as in the table above, i.e. £31.75

All fees must be paid in full prior to departure from Albert Basin unless in a case of emergency. A receipt will be issued for all fees paid. Newry and Mourne District Council can accept euro currency, but change will be given in sterling. Currency will be converted at the exchange rate at time of booking

General Marine Information

The Albert Basin is situated in the City of Newry. It is reached by passing through the Victoria Lock and Newry Ship Canal. Victoria Lock is situated on the Southern shore of the Newry River, just under 2 miles upstream from the Port of Warrenpoint at the head of Carlingford Lough.

The Lock gates are operable 1 hour before to 1 hour after High water, but council limits their use to daylight hours.

Latitude and Longitude

The Victoria Lock is at position 54° 09’N 6° 19’ W, just upriver from the Port of Warrenpoint 54° 06’ N 6 °15’ W.

The entry to Carlingford Lough should be commenced from Hellyhunter Buoy (South Cardinal) at 54° 00.35’ N 6°2.06’ W (Q(6)+LFl W 15s)

Chart Information

British Admiralty Chart 2800 covers the entire area of Carlingford Lough and approaches. Currently the river leading up to Victoria Lock from Warrenpoint Harbour is not charted on BA2800 (See attached Diagram One, which shows a broad outline of the new channel markers, and the approach to Victoria Lock. This should not be used for navigation. You may also wish to refer to Irish Cruising Club North & East Sailing Directions manual).

Traffic Control & VHF

All vessels passing through Warrenpoint Harbour should call ‘Warrenpoint Harbour Radio’ on VHF channel 12 (24 hrs) at the following points,

Inward bound – No. 23 buoy

Outward bound – Upon Departing Victoria Lock Chamber, and entering the Newry River.

Vessels should not proceed past these points until given clearance by ‘Warrenpoint Harbour Radio’ and should comply with any further instruction from them. A listening watch shall be kept by all vessels on VHF Ch12 when in the vicinity of Warrenpoint Harbour. For applicable harbour byelaws please contact the Harbour Authority direct.

Security of Boats at the Albert Basin

Please note the Quay is opposite the Quays Shopping Centre, who have their own CCTV and security staff, but the Albert Basin is an open quay, with unrestricted public access at all times.

Boat owners at their own risk are responsible for the security of their own boats, mooring lines and power cables and Newry & Mourne District Council accepts no liability.

A boat may be required to tie alongside another boat or vice versa.The owner is responsible for supplying suitable fenders to protect both sides of their own boat.

Newry and Mourne District Council advise that the water level in Newry Ship Canal and Albert Basin may rise or fall die to operational or seasonal reasons. It is the responsibility of boat owners to adjust their mooring lines as necessary to suit any changes in water levels.

Please note the council reserves the right to refuse access or move a berth when required.

Where weekend access is required, notice should be given during office hours, Monday to Friday, to Newry & Mourne District Council by e-mail, fax or telephone as follows;

Newry Tourist Information Centre, Bagenal’s Castle, Newry:
Tel: 028 3031 3170 or
Fax: 028 302 68833

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